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Episode 7 Plot of Witnee Episode 7 Plot of Witnee

Rated 0 / 5 stars

...are you mentally handicapped? Serious question.

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stewardhklarlover responds:

Visit my website to find out the answer, my friend. I assure you that your question will be thoroughly answered. Serious answer.

Kiss La Kiss Kiss La Kiss

Rated 2 / 5 stars

Just get a girl to voice girls, for god's sake. Internet voice actresses are not hard to find. Voicing girls yourself just makes you seem lazy and incompetent.

SpeedoSausage responds:

i mean there clearly was a female voice actress, and the other 2 girls were voiced by guys for comedic value but THNAKS ANYWAYS MR. RaNcDidPsYcHoJoSh!!!!

Regretroid Music Video Regretroid Music Video

Rated 0 / 5 stars

The drawings were crap and the song sucked.

I've always seen Samus as a sex object, and I will continue to do so, without taking her feelings into consideration at all, because I don't know if you're aware, but Samus doesn't have feelings. Because she's a video game character. She doesn't fucking exist. Therefore I'm free to see her as the fucktoy she truly is.

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Coming Out Simulator Coming Out Simulator

Rated 0 / 5 stars

I don't care about you or your coming out story. Ironically pointing out that a game is not fun doesn't suddenly absolve it of that criticism.

Lognes Island Lognes Island

Rated 0 / 5 stars


First things first. You deliberately gave the game bugs just to make it more "NES-y"? I'm not sure if you're aware, but nearly all of the most renowned games on the NES didn't have noticeable bugs. Deliberately adding bugs to your game using such a terrible excuse just seems like a lazy cop-out so that you don't have to fix them.

There isn't much to say about the game. It's just another iteration in the endless ocean of piss-poor Megaman ripoffs. There is nothing original about the concept or gameplay, which wouldn't be so bad if it was at least executed competently, but it wasn't. The unoriginality in the gameplay is only compounded by the fact that you literally stole all your sound effects from NES games and the music is an 8-bit rendition of Clint Eastwood by The Gorillaz. Do something original for a change.

GuyUngerNL responds:

some examples of these bugs:
-the NES pixel processing unit was very limited causing rendering bugs. in total only 64 movable objects could be shown on screen and in a verticle row only 8.
this made the sprites flickering when there were more than that maximum. I hardcoded this bug in the game (not 100% as it works on the nes as i said in the discription but I hope it still gives that same feel)
-when a screen was transitioning in megaman or castlevania it couldn't show the movable objects from the previous and next level so I also hardcoded in the game that it hides the sprites when it is transitioning into a new level

the only point of this project was to try to achieve an experience that feels like it's played on the real nes, using sounds from the original games helped a lot and I don't see why it would be a problem to use it. It's not like I'm making money from the game.

For me this game was just another experiment to explore something new in game development, I had to look into tons on NES games and read how the pixel processing unit functions, very educational stuff. I understand that you judge the game with standards of a full on indie game, but it's not what i try to present it as.

GLave GLave

Rated 0.5 / 5 stars

I played through the whole game for that shitty ending?!

This game is not good at all. It's an extremely boring grindfest where all you do is collect money to survive the attacks from the enemies in the later levels who will one-shot you if you don't have the right armor. There are no bosses, the game is very slow-paced and the enemies are hard to hit. And there is no point in using anything other than the bounce mod as it has the fastest rate of fire. The "advantages and disadvantages" from the other mods are completely negligible since all the bullets do the exact same amount of damage, meaning that the only thing that's really different about them is the rate of fire.

I spent an hour playing this game to see a terrible two-screen ending that took me right back to the title screen afterwards. Don't waste your time on this game, folks. The only thing that's even remotely interesting from this snorefest is the music, and it's really not that great. Definitely NOT worth playing through the game to hear. Just give this one a pass, you'll thank me later.

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F - Zero GX: Red Canyon +1 F - Zero GX: Red Canyon +1

Rated 4 / 5 stars


I quite love it, considering I'm listening to F-Zero music right now.

Also, this song is actually from the very first F-Zero on SNES, but they remixed the red canyon theme for GX.

TheBagCartel responds:

:D Zomg I know! I love this track so much~

^_~ thnx~

_-={The Desire to Destroy}=-_ _-={The Desire to Destroy}=-_

Rated 5 / 5 stars


This is unbridled FLAWLESSNESS. It sounds so epic, like something from a hardcore story-driven fighter.

I think we have a winner. If only it were longer...

MaestroRage responds:

The original intention of this song was to be significantly longer to be honest. However after talking with a friend who produced some tracks himself, I realized all of his loops were hanging around the minute mark. It came to our attention that the loops should be smallest in size, whilst retaining as much impact as possible. The contest is intended to be an online arcade game, so to make super long loops, reduces their chances of being used, as that means more waiting to play. it's a fast paced game, why make it a long download?

Thanks for the review RaNcID! I am probably going to make an extended mix one day, but that day is not today! I'm glad you liked it!

SpK*) - Dupalai Ovum SpK*) - Dupalai Ovum

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars


This beat is fucking AWESOME. Please, PLEASE make a full song out of it, I'm begging you.