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It sounds weird when an english speaker says it.

Cringe as fuck. I hate Smash.

Really good toon. I laughed. I'd love to see more of this.

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This is so buggy it's unplayable. Nothing seems to make sense and things are poorly conveyed, like it doesn't explain how ambushing the one guy in the hall works or how to use your inventory items. At one point the game softlocked when I clicked on "south" after coming out of hiding behind a rock. I tried again and ambushed the guy on my second try and then Pico slid offscreen for no reason and the game softlocked again. Another time the guy in the hallway with the multiple arms killed me before I could even do anything, and also clicking respawn on the game over screen doesn't work. Sorry but this has a ton of problems.

kovonaut responds:

thank you for telling us, we haven’t had any softlock problems that we know about so far so this really helps tell us what we need to fix next patch. as for the rest of your feedback i do agree that the boss’s ai can be frustrating especially when starting on low hp, and we’ve had to explain how the inventory items work. due to time constraints we had to make this a demo but we have plans for a fully fleshed out tutorial in the full game.


Yomuchan responds:

Imma make some more now that I've got the design down. This was one hell of an educational experience.

Surprisingly a lot of fun for a game so simple.

Only complaint is that B.B. Topper doesn't show you her boobs at the end. Hope she becomes a staple Newgrounds character and we see her in more things.

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I quite love it, considering I'm listening to F-Zero music right now.

Also, this song is actually from the very first F-Zero on SNES, but they remixed the red canyon theme for GX.

CyrusOfNaias responds:

:D Zomg I know! I love this track so much~

^_~ thnx~


This is unbridled FLAWLESSNESS. It sounds so epic, like something from a hardcore story-driven fighter.

I think we have a winner. If only it were longer...

MaestroRage responds:

The original intention of this song was to be significantly longer to be honest. However after talking with a friend who produced some tracks himself, I realized all of his loops were hanging around the minute mark. It came to our attention that the loops should be smallest in size, whilst retaining as much impact as possible. The contest is intended to be an online arcade game, so to make super long loops, reduces their chances of being used, as that means more waiting to play. it's a fast paced game, why make it a long download?

Thanks for the review RaNcID! I am probably going to make an extended mix one day, but that day is not today! I'm glad you liked it!


This beat is fucking AWESOME. Please, PLEASE make a full song out of it, I'm begging you.

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BAROOGA! I'd like to *HONK* in her *HONK*!

Love it man! Your art kicks so much ass. Hope we can do this again sometime.

sanstrongstyles responds:

Ay thnx Josh, glad u do! I try my best. But yea, MVC commissions wont be open again anytime soon (prolly wont have em open for a long while, tbh), but I'll def notify u when I reopen shop.

Eh... great animation but I'm just not feeling this design.

hi im rancidpsycoh josh i am the anime destroyer. keep an eye out for my fighting game GigaMaidens whenever it's out. Any day now

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